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Paul Fields wrote:
> BLackeagle wrote
> > Regarding using nukes against Solomon. The best way to take out a big
> rock
> > like Solomon or A'Bow'A'Qu would probably be using a ground penetrating
> > warhead (in this case it would be an asteroid penetrating warhead, but the
> > principle is the same). Basically, shatter it from the inside out. Do
> that
> > and you could probably crack it with even a relatively small warhead.
> Well Nukes are best used in an air burst deployment, using them
> against land based targets has always been a no-no since it greatly
> reduces the kill zone.

actually, i recently saw (i think it was on the History channel or
Discovery) a documentery on weapons for the 21st century and including
redeployment of older weapons, when they got aroud to discussing the
role of nukes in next generatoin combat they mentioned that the USAF was
in te process of converting some if not all of it's remaining
old-fashioned air-droped free-fall neuclear bombs into deep penetration
bobmbs for taking out subteranian fortresses and other storngholds...
still on a scale like solomon it would likely take several at key
locatoins to produce enough fractures to render it useless as a base..
but then it would be useless to the federation as well.

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