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> > >Ever since Zeta Gundam, it seems to be tradition to start a Gundam
> > >show with one Gundam, and introduce another halfway through the
> > >show, which the series will end with. The show's original Gundam
> > >ends up either being destroyed, given to another pilot, or ignored
> > >altogether. So, I'd thought I'd put this up: Which is better in
> > >each series, the first Gundam or their replacement?
> >
> > The whole point of the upgrade is to sell more model. But in terms of
> > logic, it is to get better MS for your war effort.
> >
> > >Zeta Gundam:Gundam Mark II vs. Zeta Gundam
> >
Zeta.... just because it can do everything Mark II can and more! (not to
mention the design survived many years as opposed to other TMS...)

> >
> > ZZ Gundam: Zeta Gundam -> ZZ Gundam
> >
ZZ... it has that weird mega particle cannon on the forehead that can wipe
everything away janitor style...

> >
> > >Gundam 0083:Gundam GP01 vs. Full Vernian vs. Gundam GP03
> >
> > GP01-Fb is just a functional change and upgrade from GP01. But GP03 is
> > continuity buster that had to be swep under the rug. If AE can build
> > in 0083, they can certaintly build much much better at the beganning of
> > than just Rick Dias.

yeah, look at GP03-D!!! wonder how the progression from that to
Hyaku-Shiki's mega particle cannon was... I mean, the gp03d is just a bit
more powerful isn't it...

> >
> > >Victory Gundam:Victory I vs. Victory II
> >
> > Considered that Victory Gundam is a mass produced MS, and V2 is a one of
> > kind MS, you get the picture. V2 is also the fastest Gundam in all of
> > Gundam continium, supporting that wing of light.
> >
> > >G Gundam: Shining vs. God
> >
just look at the name.. it's supposed to have god-like strength...
> >
> > >Gundam Wing: Wing vs. Wing Zero
> >
personally, i liked wing more than wing zero because of the "wing" design
(the two wings on the back). however, wing zero custom is another story...

> >
> > >Gundam Wing:Deathscythe vs. Deathscythe Hell
> >
DH all the way.
> >
> > >Gundam Wing:Shenlong vs. Altron
> >
I kinda liked shenglong's torso design more...
> >
> > >Gundam X:X vs. Double X
> >
> > Ridiculous overpowerful cannon or Super Ridiculous overpowerful cannon?
> >
> > >I might have missed a few....anyway, which is better in your opinion?

how about ReGz -> Nu Gundam...
> >
> > Well, ther is the ever more stupendous powerups in Sentinel Gundam.
>From a
> > already ridiculous powerful Superior Gundam (A Gundam more powerful than
> > in the same era?), to the clearly not advicable Ex-S Gundam?
sometimes you gotta wonder how FAZZ was in the same era, but judo's ZZ only
had half the amount of armour, minus the big-ass bazooka (you would think
they'd send it all in the same shipment?!). And Ex-S also had N times the
firepower than ZZ too.... sheeshh..

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