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>No word that I've seen. Kou, Nina and Gato have their helmets off in the
>propulsion control room on Island Ease, but that's a different case.

        The Delaz faction probably needed the control room to make any
necessary corrections, so it's likely that they keep the place pressurized.

        Perhaps a better question is whether the cylinders are pressurized
during the transfer of cylinders.

> > On a more morbid note... what about the bodies of the dead colonists?
>Left in situ, I imagine, as were the three million casualties of the Bunch
>30 Incident in Z Gundam.

        Free cremetation, I guess. Though some of the Zeon engineering teams
will probably have nightmares for the rest of their lives.

>Well, if the mirrors CAN be closed over the "windows" of the colony, that
>would make the whole thing much more streamlined and much more likely to
>hit the intended target.

        Even when closed, won't the extrusions of the closed mirrors still
provide a place for the atmosphere to yank at? The effects may be smaller,
but the end result is still probable a mirror-less cylinder.

        As for the accuracy, the loss of a mirror which was locked might
actually affect the accuracy more, as when the mirrors to rip off, it may
impact a bigger delta V to the cylinder. Whatever we may speculate, it's
difficult to know the answer without either simulation or an actual event --
which I'm loath to invite!

        Another thing that we might have overlooked is that we are assuming
the mirrors all rip loose at the same time, on a non-rotating cylinder. If
the mirrors break loose seperately at different times and at approximately
the same place of the rotation, the cylinder is much more likely to tumble.

>Now THAT's morbid! (^_^) Seriously, I suspect that there might be some
>looting on the part of individual Zeon soldiers, but no organized salvage
>effort with one possible exception: items of military utility. If it could
>be flown out under its own power, I'd think that the Zeon would empty the
>docking bay of all serviceable spacecraft and any associated weaponry.

        I don't mean looting, but I hardly think salvaging is morbid. (^_^)

        As a matter of fact, I don't believe that Zeon did any salvaging of
parts, at least not on a major scale. I think the Zeon military was so
confident of victory via Operation British that they may have left valuable
equipment, like solar panels and heavy manufacturing machinery (which may
have aided them in the develeopment of later MSes like the Dom or Gelgoog).

>Did I say "west"? Urk! I must've been subconsciously playing off the
>phrase "going West" meaning deceased. The orbit would've been from west to
>east, the same way that the Moon orbits the Earth.

        Would it make a difference to a decending cylinder? For a manned
vehicle, decending west to east would mean that the vehicle let the
Terminator overtake it, hence being able to see the landing zone with the
sun behind the vehicle. (I think, but I'm not too sure.)

        But an unmanned cyinder dedicated to crashing onto the earth won't
really require the precision of a landing vehicle, and the shorter distance
travelled via a east-to-west decent might be better from an accuracy point
of view. After all, it's not going to burn up totally, even if you pitch it
into the atmosphere at a steep angle, it spends less time in the atmosphere,
so the chances of major pieces breaking off would be lesser, etc. etc.

        Of course, it the slipstream in the upper atmosphere will violently
oppose such a manuveur, all bets are off. (^_^)

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