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At 11:18 05/28/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
>Considering that any ship capable of launching missiles can probably fire
>nuclear warheads, I doubt this would be a problem. Even if Federation
>warships don't carry nuclear missiles in peacetime, there's more than enough
>time to shuttle the proper warheads from various earthside bases.

        Is there? Granted, if the Solar System wasn't being used, they might
have time to arm the fleet with sufficient warheads. The warheads on Earth
might not be able to fit on the missiles of the Salamis, requiring refit
times, etc.

        Whatever the reason for not using nukes, the deployment of Solar Ray
appears to be a political move rather than a military one. From what I
remember from that particular episode, the Federation fleet protecting the
Solar Ray appears to be sufficient to have fought off the Delaz fleet. So
why wasn't they used to do that? The Federation would have then be able to
use engineering units to slowly move the colony to a more stable position.

>In addition, the Federation probably has nuclear tipped missiles which can fit
>in the GP-03's armamet pods. We already know that it can penetrate Zeon

        Actually, we don't really have proof that it's possible. The GP03D
has a number of specialized missiles, which may or may not take a nuclear
warhead. As it is, what will be the possible tonnage of the nuclear warheads
that can be mounted on the missiles of the GP03D? Tactical yield at best? I
don't think it will be sufficient to nudge the colony.

>If the colony was destroyed soon enough that the Federation commanders nover
>learned that Jaburo was not the target, the effect might be even greater.

        Why? I don't understand.

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