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> BLackeagle wrote
> > Regarding using nukes against Solomon. The best way to take out a big
> rock
> > like Solomon or A'Bow'A'Qu would probably be using a ground penetrating
> > warhead (in this case it would be an asteroid penetrating
> warhead, but the
> > principle is the same). Basically, shatter it from the inside out. Do
> that
> > and you could probably crack it with even a relatively small warhead.
> Well Nukes are best used in an air burst deployment, using them
> against land based targets has always been a no-no since it greatly
> reduces the kill zone. However a ground penetrating warhead would
> not do the job either, a group of scientists tried to figure out how
> fast you could dig a canal with nukes by burying then along the route,
> then detonating them. Aside from radiating the area you got a crater
> much smaller than the cost of the nuke would buy you in labor to dig.
> I don't figure a penetrating warhead would be able to go as far as
> they dug... The best way to do it would be with a Battlestar Galactica
> Cylon trick, and fly the missiles right into the hangar bays, and then
> detonate them. Gundam translation would be Amuro and the gang
> guard a Public attack ship until it was close enough to launch the
> missiles. (The Public attack ship was basically two huge anti-ship
> missiles with a tiny ship frame built around them.)

The only time when Nuke was successfully used in breaking up something as
large as Solomon (actually larger) was Londo Bell's successful use of nukes
inside Axis. But that's by placing at known crackline within Axis, and
being able to gain access to it (Even then, they only managed to break it
into 2). A well defended astroid fortress should be able to hold off
nuclear attack quite easily.

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