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BLackeagle wrote
> Regarding using nukes against Solomon. The best way to take out a big
> like Solomon or A'Bow'A'Qu would probably be using a ground penetrating
> warhead (in this case it would be an asteroid penetrating warhead, but the
> principle is the same). Basically, shatter it from the inside out. Do
> and you could probably crack it with even a relatively small warhead.

Well Nukes are best used in an air burst deployment, using them
against land based targets has always been a no-no since it greatly
reduces the kill zone. However a ground penetrating warhead would
not do the job either, a group of scientists tried to figure out how
fast you could dig a canal with nukes by burying then along the route,
then detonating them. Aside from radiating the area you got a crater
much smaller than the cost of the nuke would buy you in labor to dig.
I don't figure a penetrating warhead would be able to go as far as
they dug... The best way to do it would be with a Battlestar Galactica
Cylon trick, and fly the missiles right into the hangar bays, and then
detonate them. Gundam translation would be Amuro and the gang
guard a Public attack ship until it was close enough to launch the
missiles. (The Public attack ship was basically two huge anti-ship
missiles with a tiny ship frame built around them.)

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