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Kobayashi did a few original designs for Zeta, however Fujita cleaned
them all up to the point that they barely look like the same suit.
About the only suits in Zeta that really retain the look of the
original are the Marasai and the O, and even those have a much more
simplified look. One of Kobayashi's more interesting designs is the
O's big brother Neo-Geo (or Neo the O if you prefer). Neo-Geo is kind
of the O on steroids. Kobayashi has to be one of my favorite
designers, and all of his work has that kind of organic feel that you
see in his version of the Bound Doc. Unfortunately all of the kits of
his work were early Kotobukiya resins, and are rather difficult to
find now. I was fortunate to get several of them back when they were
new, but now regret not picking up the entire collection.

This reminds me! If anyone has any of the Kotobukiya resins of
Kobayashi designs, please contact me, as I am quite interested in
picking up any that I can find.

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> >Is this what everybody's been talking about:
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> >http://www.planetnamek.com/skullmac/suits_zgundam_mobileweap2.html
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> >It's in the middle of the page. Pretty bizzare looking.
> The more I look at it the more it grows on me. It looks more
> skeletal and menacing than the other Bound Doc.
> Its 29.5 meters.. I guess that makes the 1/220 kit about the size
> of a 1/144.
> Did this designer do any other stuff?
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