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>Strategic nukes on solomon? a few in the right spots might crack that
>thing like an egg, if they hit the right spots.. like lodging inside a
>space-dock or something, othewise it would likely jsut shave-off a few
>meeter's deep and put in a good sized crater somewhere, pluss why would
>you want to deploy something they would see coming a mile away and throw
>everything including the kitchen sink at to defend against.. with te
>solar array the Soloman defenders (and even most of the attackers)
>didn't know they were being targeted untill it was too late

Regarding using nukes against Solomon. The best way to take out a big rock
like Solomon or A'Bow'A'Qu would probably be using a ground penetrating
warhead (in this case it would be an asteroid penetrating warhead, but the
principle is the same). Basically, shatter it from the inside out. Do that
and you could probably crack it with even a relatively small warhead.

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