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lotta talk about colony drosp, okay.. a newbie's impressoin
politics.. other than the possibility of the future titans actually
wanting the colony ot hit ther is the problem of actually using nukes..
Nukes are not just very powerfull weapoons, they scare people, and then
again there is the antarctic treaty plus there was the proven
effectivness of the Solar array on the poor slobs at Solomon, why not
use it? i think i heard somehting abtou nukes bieng used agsint Char's
attempt later to drop asteroids on the earth.. perhaps they did so after
learning thier lesson from the failed solar array deploympent in
Stardust Memory

Strategic nukes on solomon? a few in the right spots might crack that
thing like an egg, if they hit the right spots.. like lodging inside a
space-dock or something, othewise it would likely jsut shave-off a few
meeter's deep and put in a good sized crater somewhere, pluss why would
you want to deploy something they would see coming a mile away and throw
everything including the kitchen sink at to defend against.. with te
solar array the Soloman defenders (and even most of the attackers)
didn't know they were being targeted untill it was too late


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