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>I have'nt heard a lot of talk about this Gundam Model kit series, so I'm =
>wondering if they're good or not. There seem to be a couple at =
> this a reliable site?). I kind of like the =
>streamlined look of V MS, and also the mass-produced Gundam variants.

V gundam kits at 1/144 scale are very nice in terms of design, but fail miserably
at the elbow joints. it uses a kind of claw and bar system, but the main failiure
is its connection to the uopper arm, which tends to wear out, and when it does,
the lower arms will always drop from the kit. white glue is a good way to fix
it into place, but personally, it's still a big boo-boo. The 1/100 kits are
very nice, but the V and V2 kits suffer from having a transformnable frame...hence,
it is problematic when it comes to posability...but it looks damn good in static
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