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<< Well, since Bandai is taking Gundam marketing in the U.S. seriously, and
 Escaflowne is right around the corner, I'd like to think they're gearing up
 for at least a DVD/VHS release in English, to be followed by juicy HG kits.
 I'm witholding any serious opinion on the "HGAB" until I see news of the
 ((Drumlo)). >>

 I hope to see more SRiA Aura Battler figures, like Billbine, Drumlo Zwarth,
etc., as well. I mean, they just announced a HG Billbine and SRiA Dunbine
figure, so its a good possibility we'll see SRiA's of Zwarth and Billbine as
well, I would think.

  Other then it being fat, why are you withholding your opinion about this AB
HG line until you see news of a Drumlo? Does its size have a possibility of
affecting its joint movement or something?

  I was going to buy an HG Dunbine, but am glad I held off because now
there's the SRiA figure of it. I started getting Gundam kits because they are
poseable and there wheren't many toys of Japanese mecha, until now :) I am
more of an action figure person, then a model builder, that's why I am
excited about the MSiA / SRiA figures more so then others.


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