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<< s Dunbine a Bandai series? Since they're bringing out Brainpowered, maybe
 after they're done with it, they'll cast about for another non-gunbam Tomino
 series and decide to bring out Dunbine. >>

Someone already answered your question. I think it was AnimeFan at that has an English DVD of a I think it is either a sequal or
prequel to Aura Battler Dunbine, but without robots, listed as a US release.
I forgot the name of this title, someone may remember the title, as I posted
a question about it here. My point is, if something like that gets an US
release, there's a very good chance the Aura Battler Dunbine series could see
a US release.

With all the new ABD kits and the SRiA figure, there's going to be some
interest to see the series in English, once a lot of Americans get ahold of
these kits, probably.


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