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What I really really want, is the Swordfish.

> There is going to be an MSiA Ziong! The Gundam stuff is down towards

Arrg! The THREE MP,MS,MA that I really want as HGUC, together in the same
picture as MSiA, I think I will cry now...

Please you guys buy these things up! I have a funny feeling hot-selling
MSIAs will spawn HGUC.

> the bottom of the page. The Dunbine "in action" figure is awesome
> looking, its fully painted now. The Dunbine one is a must buy, hope we
> get an Billbine and Zwarth as well. Is that a red Gundam peeking into
> that pic as well?

Hmmm... I could be persuaded to buy the HG Billbine. And yeah, Char's
Gundam, ugh! Next we can have Ranba Ral's Gundam, Black Trinary's Gundam,
Johnny Ridden's Gundam, Shin Masunaga's Gundam, Ma Kube's Gundam, Giren
Zabi's Gundam. Anyone interested in Sayla's Gundam? Cream yellow, light
violet and pink.

[hmm... need another FG Gundam...]

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