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I am not sure if we are talking about the same show, but back when I
was working for one of the anime companies here in America, they were
negotiating for the home video rights to the Speed Racer cartoon that
was "being shown on American TV right now", now this was over a year
ago, so I am not sure if it was the same show or not. However, the
point is that one of the selling points was that it was directed by
the original director of Speed Racer. Now that could have just been
marketing hype, and I only ever watched one episode, so I don't know
this for sure, but I got the distinct impression that there was at
least some level of involvement with the original staff.

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> I might diffe r with you. It was done by murakami-wolf -svenson I
> think. These guys did zorro and ninja turtle. I think they are
> canadian or american . They definately use Korean studios.. But I
> dont think was the same shop that did speed years ago.. This came
> out about 5 years ago or so. They made in Japan about 3 years ago ,
> an OVA redo of Speed Racer with modern designs, story and anim.. It
> looked pretty
> interesting...Totally different thatn that bastardazation..

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