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I might diffe r with you. It was done by murakami-wolf -svenson I think.
These guys did zorro and ninja turtle. I think they are canadian or
american . They definately use Korean studios.. But I dont think was the
same shop that did speed years ago.. This came out about 5 years ago or
so. They made in Japan about 3 years ago , an OVA redo of Speed Racer
with modern designs, story and anim.. It looked pretty
interesting...Totally different thatn that bastardazation..
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> Hash: SHA1 BTW, if you are talking about "The New Adventures Of Speed
> Racer"
> that came out a year or two ago, it was produced by the same Japanese
> studio that produced the original "Speed Racer." The reason it looks
> Americanized is because it was animated by the same team of Korean
> animators that do the show Captain Planet.
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