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Sorry to respond to this so late, but I've been on travel a lot lately.

Mark Simmons wrote:

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> Granada: At the start of the war, Granada is cranking out the standard
> Zaku II, with occasional attempts to upgrade the F type (i.e. the R, F2,
> and/or FZ models). In September, it begins production of the Dom, then
> switches to the Rick Dom. Even though the Gelgoog is developed here, Granada
> doesn't switch to Gelgoog production in December, instead merely upgrading
> the Rick Dom to the Rick Dom II. Finally, in the last days of the war,
> Granada produces a tiny number of improved Gelgoog Jaegers - perhaps
> Kishiria was holding out for something a bit better than the regular
> Gelgoog.
> <SNIP>
> California Base: After its capture in March, the former Federation factory
> begins cranking out J type Zakus. For a brief period it switches to Goufs,
> but then immediately moves on to Doms. For the rest of the war, until its
> mid-December recapture, California produces Doms, Dom variants (including
> the Tropen), and amphibious mobile suits. Since we see a couple of Gelgoogs
> on Earth after the end of the war (a few in Africa in ZZ, and Visch's G type
> in Rise From the Ashes), California may have cranked out a few of these
> right before it was recaptured by the Federation.

Fistly congrats on the theory. Pretty darn good! However, one thing I didnt
notice it explaining was how Bitter's forces get F2s? Any ideas?

    Neil Baumgardner

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