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BTW, if you are talking about "The New Adventures Of Speed Racer"
that came out a year or two ago, it was produced by the same Japanese
studio that produced the original "Speed Racer." The reason it looks
Americanized is because it was animated by the same team of Korean
animators that do the show Captain Planet.
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Subject: [gundam] One of the reasons remaking Gundam for the US
audience might turn out bad.

We only need to look at the following examples of how we handle
established anime properties:
"The New Adventures Of Speed Racer" Anybody even remember that SR had
an American-made sequel?
"Robotech II:The Sentinels" Makes you REALLY want to watch Macross
Plus and 7.
Saban's version of "Sailor Moon" This remake is too evil to describe.
"Voltron 3D"...ugghhhhh
"Dragonball Adventures" A new American animated series coming soon
based on Akira Toriyama's big manga/anime franchise, which arguably
has the worst dub in anime history....
 "Fist Of The North Star" Live-action movie
 "Street Fighter" Live-action move....not technically anime, but a
Japanese property nonetheless.
 "Guyver" Live-action movie..

  I've yet to see an American-made adaptation of anything Japanese
that does'nt mess up it's source material....

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