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There was a base in California that a battle took place in during the OYW.
Not too sure where it was, though.
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> << This is one of the biggest plot holes in the Gundam universe. It seems
> that
> in their effort to produce a dramatic, epic story (which I don't think
> did a very good job of BTW) the creators of 0083 added earthshattering
> events to the timeline which are totally inconsistent with Zeta Gundam.
> There are various ways to explain it, including the all the records were
> deleted excuse given at the end of 0083, but I don't think most of them
> particularly credible. >>
> I totally agree. In a lot of ways, these "Earth shattering" events weren't
> really necessary for the story. I'm surprised they didn't try harder to
> 0083 fit in more with ZETA, which I believe was their intent.
> I just watched episode #15 of ZETA GUNDAM, subtitled, and the battle takes
> place around San Francisco, particularly the Golden Gate Bridge. This Bay
> Area appears deserted and uninhabited. One of the characters says "The
> is no longer there", but there is no explanation in the episode.
> What was the reason for this? Was it established in the first series or
> anywhere else?
> Tom
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