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<< This is one of the biggest plot holes in the Gundam universe. It seems
 in their effort to produce a dramatic, epic story (which I don't think they
 did a very good job of BTW) the creators of 0083 added earthshattering
 events to the timeline which are totally inconsistent with Zeta Gundam.
 There are various ways to explain it, including the all the records were
 deleted excuse given at the end of 0083, but I don't think most of them are
 particularly credible. >>

I totally agree. In a lot of ways, these "Earth shattering" events weren't
really necessary for the story. I'm surprised they didn't try harder to have
0083 fit in more with ZETA, which I believe was their intent.

I just watched episode #15 of ZETA GUNDAM, subtitled, and the battle takes
place around San Francisco, particularly the Golden Gate Bridge. This Bay
Area appears deserted and uninhabited. One of the characters says "The city
is no longer there", but there is no explanation in the episode.

What was the reason for this? Was it established in the first series or
anywhere else?


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