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> I see. Is it ever mentioned whether the engineering teams spaced the
>atmosphere, or left it in the cylinder?

No word that I've seen. Kou, Nina and Gato have their helmets off in the
propulsion control room on Island Ease, but that's a different case.

> On a more morbid note... what about the bodies of the dead colonists?

Left in situ, I imagine, as were the three million casualties of the Bunch
30 Incident in Z Gundam.

> I also believe the mirrors won't be likely to stay connected. The
>only possibility is that the mirrors are retracted/ locked down, but what's
>the point?

Well, if the mirrors CAN be closed over the "windows" of the colony, that
would make the whole thing much more streamlined and much more likely to
hit the intended target.

> Question: would Zeon have salvaged whatever parts necessary (solar
>panels, machinery, etc.) before they dropped the colonies?

Now THAT's morbid! (^_^) Seriously, I suspect that there might be some
looting on the part of individual Zeon soldiers, but no organized salvage
effort with one possible exception: items of military utility. If it could
be flown out under its own power, I'd think that the Zeon would empty the
docking bay of all serviceable spacecraft and any associated weaponry.

>>This, by the way, MUST be a northerly transit of a polar orbit, from
>>central Brazil to central United States -- unless the colony went west,
>>completely around the world, before coming down in Kansas.
> From what we see in 0083, the colony is already fairly low when it
>is over Jaburu. I don't think it is likely to stay up in the skies for much
>longer, so a westward flight isn't very likely.

Did I say "west"? Urk! I must've been subconsciously playing off the
phrase "going West" meaning deceased. The orbit would've been from west to
east, the same way that the Moon orbits the Earth.


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