Chris Beilby (
Sun, 28 May 2000 20:22:56 GMT

>At the end of 0083 it states that all records of the GP-series Gundams were
>erased...but as we see clearly in Episode 6, the Delaz fleet's declaration
>of war appears to have been shown on Television broadcasts, at least those
>at Von Braun?
> So how did the cover that one up? Say that the Gundam was entirely of
>Zeon development(It does kind of resemble the Dom and other Zeon designs),
>or some kind of mock-up or fake?

For purposes of the MUSH, I assume that the Titans covered up what they
could (Federation complicity) and blamed the rest of it entirely on Delars.
Of course, this still doesn't explain everything, as quite a bit is still
open in this huge gaping plot hole.

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