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> >We've been talking about colony drops here, and it brings up a question
> >had for a while. In 0083, why didn't the Federation use a nuke to blow
> >the falling colony rather than trying the cumbersome and vunerable Solar
> >System?
> Possible reasons: No reliable delivery systems. After all, the
>is already destroyed. Will there be sufficient missiles, etc. in the right
>positions to launch enough not only to get through the screening MSes as
>well as to destroy the colony?

Considering that any ship capable of launching missiles can probably fire
nuclear warheads, I doubt this would be a problem. Even if Federation
warships don't carry nuclear missiles in peacetime, there's more than enough
time to shuttle the proper warheads from various earthside bases. Given the
number of missile armed Salamis class ships we see in the fleet around the
Solar System, they could probably launch to many missiles for Zeon forces to
intercept them all. In addition, the Federation probably has nuclear tipped
missiles which can fit in the GP-03's armamet pods. We already know that it
can penetrate Zeon defenses.

> Politics: Maybe the proto-Titans don't even want the colony to
>They have to make an attempt, of course, but the end effect of the Delaz
>colony is a dramatic increase of the Titans' powers.

This seems somewhat more likely, but I think the effect of an attempted
colony drop would be almost as great as an acutal colony drop. If the
colony was destroyed soon enough that the Federation commanders nover
learned that Jaburo was not the target, the effect might be even greater.


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