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At 17:14 05/27/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
>We've been talking about colony drops here, and it brings up a question I've
>had for a while. In 0083, why didn't the Federation use a nuke to blow up
>the falling colony rather than trying the cumbersome and vunerable Solar

        Possible reasons: No reliable delivery systems. After all, the GP02A
is already destroyed. Will there be sufficient missiles, etc. in the right
positions to launch enough not only to get through the screening MSes as
well as to destroy the colony?

        Politics: Maybe the proto-Titans don't even want the colony to stop.
They have to make an attempt, of course, but the end effect of the Delaz
colony is a dramatic increase of the Titans' powers.

>1: The Federation doesn't have nuclear weapons powerful enough to break up a
>40km long colony.

        Given the power of the Mk. 82 that Gato used on the Review, one
won't be possible to destroy the colony. Maybe a few is needed. But why
destroy the colony? Use a few to nudge the colony off course.

        But the Delaz fleet can always recorrect the course of the colony,
if done too early. Perhaps that's why the Federation delayed the Solar
System until the last possible time to hit the colony. Of course..

>2: It would be a violation of the Antarctic Treaty.

        As others put it, I doubt the Federation is very keen on upholding
the Antarctic Treaty after the OYW.

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