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> Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2000 3:29 PM
> Subject: [gundam] One of the reasons remaking Gundam
> for the US
> audience might turn out bad.
> We only need to look at the following examples of
> how we handle
> established anime properties:
> "The New Adventures Of Speed Racer" Anybody even
> remember that SR had
> an American-made sequel?

i know this is heresy -- but i severely dislike speed
racer. always have, always will. it's a classic, but
not my cup of tea.

> "Robotech II:The Sentinels" Makes you REALLY want to
> watch Macross
> Plus and 7.

whoah! i object violently to this flippant comment.

i personally like the sentinels (then again, i'm a
robotech junkie), but i can understand why people
would hate it.

however, to imply that macross plus and macross 7 are
of such lousy caliber that it'd take what one
considers a lousier alternative in order to watch is
way off the mark. macross plus appeals all on its
own and rightfully so, imo. i've not yet finished
macross 7, but i've no doubt i can adjust my
preconceived notions in order to appreciate macross 7.

> Saban's version of "Sailor Moon" This remake is too
> evil to describe.

no comment on sailor moon. :)

> "Voltron 3D"...ugghhhhh

true, true. but the original voltron (go-lion and
vehicle team) wasn't so terrific to begin with. :P

> "Dragonball Adventures" A new American animated
> series coming soon
> based on Akira Toriyama's big manga/anime franchise,
> which arguably
> has the worst dub in anime history....

never liked dragonball z anyway. :P

> "Fist Of The North Star" Live-action movie
> "Street Fighter" Live-action move....not
> technically anime, but a
> Japanese property nonetheless.

not that the original street fighter had much by way
of synaptic stimulation. (at least, it didn't, for

> "Godzilla"-Ditto.

agreed. rubber suits rule. even ultraman's, where
the zipper is clearly seen...:) these things are just
so lovable. besides which, they missed out on what
godzilla, a cultural icon, symbolized.

> "Guyver" Live-action movie..

errrrr....i've seen the live action movie and lotsa
chunks of the anime (which i've just recently
completed for myself, and will watch in full when i
can). while it wasn't particularly impressive, i
wouldn't say the live action fouled up the original
guyver anime (which wasn't so brainy anyway) in ways
that wasn't fouled up to begin with.

i'm not sure the live action was american or purely
american, btw. but i never pay attention to credits.

> I've yet to see an American-made adaptation of
> anything Japanese
> that does'nt mess up it's source material....

no offense, but i think this is putting anime and
japanese on a level of worship that's far beyond what
they deserve. not everything japanese is that great,
and not everything americanized is garbage.


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