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> Anyone know how the exact meaning and language in
> which the various MS names comes from?
> My guess are as follows :
> MS-06 "Zaku" : Derived from the Japanese word
> "Zakko" meaning "Small Fry".

Interesting! :)
> MS-07 "Gouf" : The Chinese translation of "Gouf" is
> "Tiger". Any comments on this one ? No idea on the
> language in which the name comes from.

Ah... so you remember those neat Chinese translation
by HK's TVB. Bear in mind, though, what TVB did was to
transliterate certain terms like MS names, not
translation of a whole story. Therefore,
transliterating Gouf as 'Tiger', Dom as 'Big Devil',
etc did not actauuly mean that what they are in
Japanese, but rather a pretty smart description of the
psysical attributes of the MS and what they did in the

As for translating Gelgoog as 'brave warriors' and
Zugock and 'devil crab' etc. these are, I would say,
the creativeness of TVB crew back then in come up
smart name for MS based mainly on physical appearance.
With a twin beam sword on one hand and an
African-style shield on the other, Gelgoog has the
look of a 'brave' tribal warrior; Zugock, on the hand,
has a pair of claws which the viewers can instantly
indentfy with crab-like creatures, and of course the
Zeons were portraited as the baddie in the show, so
'devil crab' for Zugock was a very smart name, at
least to Chinese (esp.Cantonese) - speaking Gundam
fans :)


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