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> >As for Gyan's descendant, at the end of OYW, the plan for the next
> >generation mobile suit after Gelgoog was already on the drawing board.
> > It's the mobile suit Galbaldy Alpha. The Federation took over the
> > development of Galbaldy and an improved version Galbaldy Beta is
> > eventually mass produced at Luna II.
> >
> > Galbaldy combines the best features from both Gyan (shield
> > missile and the nimble characteristic) and Gelgoog (beam
> > rifle). Even though in terms of technology it's a near
> > OYW vintage mobile suit, Galbaldy is still a well
> > functioning mobile suit during Gryps Conflict.
> >
> Don't the Neo-Zeon develop suits similar to the Gyan, though?

Neo Zeon in ZZ made several OYW vintage looking MS. They are:

AMX-009 Dreissen, which bears a striking similiarity to Dom, but much more
AMX-011 Zaku III, you guess the ancestor of this ms.
MS-09G Dowadge (used by Zeon remant, souped up Dom)
MS-14J Regelg (used by Neo Zeon, souped up Gelgoog)
RMS-099B Sturm Dias (Anaheim Electronics just can't pass up a good sales)

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