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> Well, if a big enough nuke blew up in the lower layers of the Earth's
>atmosphere, the whole atmosphere could be contaminated I suppose and could
>cause nuclear rain, snow, etc., that would slowly kill most, but most
>all life on Earth, I.E., Nuclear fall out. So, it could be very horrible
>indeed. I am no nuke expert, so if I am mistaken about the above, someone
>please add to/correct/clearify the above

First, you'd be doing this up in space, near the critical intercept point,
not down on earth. Second, a nuke big enough to crack a colony would still
do less ecological damage than a colony impact.

> I am no ecologist, but people do not realize how fragile the Earth
>is. I am no psycho ecologist, but I do realize that our Earth is fragile.
>Though, its not as fragile as some would claim.
> The GP-02's existence violates the Antarctic Treaty, so I don't think
>Feds. are too worried about breaking this treaty :)

I think Delaz's claim that the existance of the GP02 is a violation of the
Antarctic Treaty is just propoganda. As 0080 and 0083 show, both Zeon and
the Federation have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. The only
thing the treaty prohibits is for the Feds or Zeon to use them against each


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