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A nuke in the upper atmosphere causes no fallout. Fallout is
irradiated debris from the explosion of a nuke at or near ground
level. If you lobed a nuke at something that had not yet entered the
ionosphere or thermosphere, then the amount of radiation would be
negligible compared to the cosmic rays our planet is exposed to every

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> Well, if a big enough nuke blew up in the lower layers of the
> Earth's atmosphere, the whole atmosphere could be contaminated I
> suppose and could cause nuclear rain, snow, etc., that would
> slowly kill most, but most likely all life on Earth, I.E., Nuclear
> fall out. So, it could be very horrible indeed. I am no nuke
> expert, so if I am mistaken about the above, someone please add
> to/correct/clearify the above.
> I am no ecologist, but people do not realize how fragile the
> Earth really is. I am no psycho ecologist, but I do realize that
> our Earth is fragile. Though, its not as fragile as some would
> claim.
> The GP-02's existence violates the Antarctic Treaty, so I don't
> think the Feds. are too worried about breaking this treaty :)
> Aaron
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