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> From: Federico Makabenta
> > MS-15 GYAN
> > Unit type: prototype general purpose mobile suit
> > Overall height: 19.9 meters
> > Base weight: 52.7 tons
> > Full weight: 68.6 tons
> > Power generator output: 1360 kW
> > Rocket thrusters: 56200 kg total
> > Acceleration: 0.82 G
> > Sensor radius: 4400 meters
> > Armament: beam saber x 1, missile x 56, hide bomb x 12
> > Mechanical designer: Kunio Okawara
> >
> Question: what are the ancestors of the Gyan? It seems to be a mobile suit
> without any "children" so to speak and something that wasn't mass-produced
> in great quantities..

Gyan is developed at the California Base (I think) and took to space by Ma
Kube after he lost Odessa. Since it lost the next generation mobile suit
contract to Gelgoog, it is more or less a one of a kind (there are probably
3 or 4 made). As for its descendant, at the end of OYW, the plan for the
next generation mobile suit after Gelgoog was already on the drawing board.
It's the mobile suit Galbaldy Alpha. The Federation took over the
development of Galbaldy and an improved version Galbaldy Beta is eventually
mass produced at Luna II.

Galbaldy combines the best features from both Gyan (shield missile and the
nimble characteristic) and Gelgoog (beam rifle). Even though in terms of
technology it's a near OYW vintage mobile suit, Galbaldy is still a well
functioning mobile suit during Gryps Conflict.

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