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We've been talking about colony drops here, and it brings up a question I've
had for a while. In 0083, why didn't the Federation use a nuke to blow up
the falling colony rather than trying the cumbersome and vunerable Solar

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I can anticipate at least two
of the possible objections to using a nuke, but I don't think either is

1: The Federation doesn't have nuclear weapons powerful enough to break up a
40km long colony.
Based on visuals of the Sea of Solomon, most of the colonies which were
there have been broken up into reasonably small pieces. If the falling
colony were broken into pieces of that size, they would either burn up in
the atmosphere, or if they didn't, the damage from their impacts would be
much less than the impact of a whole colony.

2: It would be a violation of the Antarctic Treaty.
Based on 0080, it's pretty clear the Antarctic treaty is not a blanket
prohibition on using nuclear weapons. Instead it seems to prohibit one
signatory from using them against the other signatory. This is why using
nukes against Side 6, while grossly immoral, would not have been illegal.
After the war, the Zeon Archduchy's obligations under the treaty passed to
the Zeon Republic. The Delaz fleet, as a renegade force, was not entitled
to protection under the treaty. Not to mention that since they were in the
process of violating the treaty themselves, they weren't entitled to it's

So, can anyone come up with any other reasons the Federation didn't use
nukes? (aside, of course, from the fact that it would have nixed the
climactic Kou/Gato battle)

As an aside, if they had managed to stop the colony (using nukes or any
other method) it would have fixed that glaring continuity hole (ie, the lack
of a big hole in N.America) between 0083 and Zeta.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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