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> >Which raises the question of the Zeon submarine....
> The one that carried Gato into Torrigan? What do you mean?
> (Come to think of it, won't security of the sea around Torrigan be
>major problem? The depth may mean you can't use passive sensors on the sea
>bottom, and it's not practical to lay an anti-submarine net in the area --
>too wide and too deep.)

I don't think the depth would prevent you form laying passive sensors on the


> Actually, in 0083, they were talking about a Critical Interception
>Point. (IIRC, of course) I don't think this point refers to a point where
>the colony could still be stopped; the masses involved and speeds may be
>great for the Albion to do much about.
> I've always been of the impression that this CIP is the last
>possible location where the Albion could nudge the colony so that it either
>miss Earth or skim the atmosphere rather than crash. Where the colony will
>end up in this case is anybody's guess..

If you think about it, if the colony missed the atmosphere, it's trajectory
would end up looking an awful lot like the gravity assist manuvers used on
interplanetary voyages. I wonder if it would give enough of a boost to
allow the colony to escape earth's gravity and send it into a solar orbit?


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