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Sat, 27 May 2000 11:11:58 MST

>Well,before I go on our family picnic (ugh.....), I thought that you could
>work on these:
>1)Char in a Gyann vs. Dozul Zabi in a Gouf

This's got to go to Char. He's the better pilot and he's got the better (if
funkier looking) mobile suit.

>2)Garma Zabi in a Gelgoog Marine vs. Karen Joshua in a Powered GM

Garma's a wimp and the Powered GM is pretty good, I'd give it to Karen.

>3)Kou in the GP01 vs. Shiro in the Alex

The GP01 has better performance, but the difference isn't big enough to make
up for having Kou in the cockpit. Victory goes to Shiro.

>4)Bright Noah in the FAZZ vs. Delaz in a Zaku III
>5)Amuro in the Nu Gundam vs. Zabine Cheraux in a Vigna Ghina
>6)Jerid Messa in a Rick Dom vs. Hayato Kobayashi in a GM Custom
>7)The Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) vs a single Star Destroyer

Star Destroyer.

>8)Yu Kajima in the Sentinel Gundam vs. Johnny Raiden in a Geara Doga
>9)Gyunei Guss in a Gaza-D vs. Rok Greenwood in the Gundam Mk II
>10)Giren Zabi vs. Kishiria Zabi in hand-to-hand combat

Oooh. In a stand up fight, I'd have to go with Kishiria. However, if Giren
can figure out some way to stab her in the back . . .

> to the picnic grounds..(once again...ugh...)
>SEIG ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll second that!

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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