Blackeagle (
Sat, 27 May 2000 11:06:21 MST

> My order was finally shipped on the 24th and I got my tracking #. But even
>on today the 27th,, it still does not show up. I am wondering if any of you
>guys have had the same problem. Oh, and my cousin is going to burn me a cd
>of Gundam W, X, Megumi and T.M revolution. Yea! Model building

One of the ways HLJ reduces their customer's shipping costs is by having UPS
pick up their N.America bound orders once a week in one big batch. HLJ will
send you a shipping number as soon as you order is boxed up, labeled and
ready to go, but that doesn't mean UPS has actually come and picked it up.

However, keep checking your tracking number! In my experience, I usually
have UPS knocking on my door 2 days after the tracking info starts showing
up on their webside.


Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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