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>Given the depth of the crater, it's doubtful that any undersea vulcanism
>would be apparent at the surface.

        True.. =) Good point, -Z-. BTW, seems like you got a new relative on
the ML, -V-. =)

>Which raises the question of the Zeon submarine....

        The one that carried Gato into Torrigan? What do you mean?

        (Come to think of it, won't security of the sea around Torrigan be a
major problem? The depth may mean you can't use passive sensors on the sea
bottom, and it's not practical to lay an anti-submarine net in the area --
too wide and too deep.)

>No, at that speed, presenting a greater surface area to the atmosphere will
>only result in a faster breakup and hotter burning.

        Assuming there's still an atmosphere in it, will the change in heat,
and hence pressure, blow the windows out? Stress along the weak lines of the
structure might also give way due to this, hence breaking the cylinder out.
I guess a good number of colony parts must have either ended up decorating
the ocean floors of either the Pacific or the Indian Ocean. Did the event
happen along the East-West axis, or the North-South? Or.. straight down? =)

>Ever see the movie footage of the Hindenberg? That's what your re-entering
>colony is likely to look like if it starts to tumble.

        Not a pretty picture.

>A spinning colony coming in nose-on has the best chance. Not only does it
>reduce the friction and drag as much as is possible, but the spinning helps
>distribute the heat more evenly and keeps the structure in a more stable

        Won't the spin contribute to stresses, especially along the mirrors?
Although the colony is designed to spin at a constant rate, it isn't exactly
designed to reenter atmosphere; dozens of things can increase or decrease
the rotation of the colony during reentry.

        Actually, in 0083, they were talking about a Critical Interception
Point. (IIRC, of course) I don't think this point refers to a point where
the colony could still be stopped; the masses involved and speeds may be too
great for the Albion to do much about.

        I've always been of the impression that this CIP is the last
possible location where the Albion could nudge the colony so that it either
miss Earth or skim the atmosphere rather than crash. Where the colony will
end up in this case is anybody's guess..

>If you want a skipping stone effect, you need a skipping stone shape. A
>Stanford torus might have the right geometry, but an O'Neill cylinder doesn't.

        Ah well. Just a thought. Fun though. =)

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