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>Wow, wow, wow hang on a sec there. Crater size on the Moon would be very
>different from crater size on Earth. And it's not the atmospheric effect.

        Hmm. I think the formula (such as it is) also applies to metoeriod
impact craters on Mecury and elsewhere -- Mars too, I believe.

>Since Earth's surface gravity is 6x Moon's... we have...
>doh! Don't think I can work it on in my head...

        I can't either. =) You may have a point, but AFAIK that formula is a
general formula for application on a System-wide basis. Hmm. That has a nice
ring to it...

>What's Earth's and Moon's escape velocity again?

        Earth's about 11KM/S, I can dig out the Moon's for you, but by the
time this reaches you someone else on the list -- probably -Z- or Mark
Simmons -- will have given you the answer. =)

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