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> Well,before I go on our family picnic (ugh.....), I thought that
> you could
> work on these:
> 1)Char in a Gyann vs. Dozul Zabi in a Gouf

No contest. Better pilot in a better MS wins every time.

> 2)Garma Zabi in a Gelgoog Marine vs. Karen Joshua in a Powered GM

That's a toughie. I'll go with Karen for more combat experience.

> 3)Kou in the GP01 vs. Shiro in the Alex

Shiro. Simply because I don't hate him as much as Kou.

> 4)Bright Noah in the FAZZ vs. Delaz in a Zaku III

I'll take Bright in the FAZZ (what an overpower piece of MS) over Delaz, in
a somewhat more reasonable Zaku III.

> 5)Amuro in the Nu Gundam vs. Zabine Cheraux in a Vigna Ghina

Amuro. Yea, Nu Gundam is a 30 year old technology compare to the Crossbone
Vanguard MS, but this is Amuro we are talking about here, vs a non-Newtype

> 6)Jerid Messa in a Rick Dom vs. Hayato Kobayashi in a GM Custom

Kobayashi in the GM Custom. Jerid simply has the aurora of doom around him.
He can't win a MS duel.

> 8)Yu Kajima in the Sentinel Gundam vs. Johnny Raiden in a Geara Doga

Yu Kajima. Since Johnny Raiden isn't a newtype Geara Doga's funnels isn't
going to do him any good. And Kajima can really get the help from ALICE.

> 9)Gyunei Guss in a Gaza-D vs. Rok Greenwood in the Gundam Mk II

Roy Greenwood in Mk II. Quess must die.

> 10)Giren Zabi vs. Kishiria Zabi in hand-to-hand combat

Kishiria in 10 seconds.

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