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This months theme is Game Gundam MS.

SD psycho Gundam dice
SD crab-from-hell MA
FG Gundam conversion to White Dingo GM Sniper II
Gundam Rise from the Ashes Rhinocerous Mobile Armor - this one looks heavily
inspired by the Zamel
Lots more I cant remember

'PG' Dom converted from PG Zaku and 1/60 Dom

MS War in 3d: Gouf
The gouf in a pose based on the card game MS War

A diorama of the retreat scene with Ranba Ral's Gouf and 2 zakus hanging
onto their cruiser

Prototype MG Dunbine
Nicer proportions than the HG.

Rx-79G Gundam
This one looks like its going to be great!
-The hip joint is very similar to the one used in the FG Zaku; ie a
swiveling v-piece, but this time it terminates in 2 ball joints!

-I'm not sure if this is a custom modification, but it looked like this
piece could also swivel back and forth rather than just up and down

-The contact point connecting the shield to the arm is hinged.

-The magazine to the large field gun comes with a piece representing the
rounds. This means that the magazine is hollow!

-The backpack has polycap-hinged doors

SD GP-03
SD Zugock massproduced; comes with some kind of ship
SD Dom
SD Hyakushiki

A new injection-molded LED Mirage kit

I also saw a book containing lots of CG art from various Sunrise shows such
as Gundam, Dunbine, L-Gaim, Xabungle, etc.

I think the title was Sunrise Mechanics CG or something like that. The Zaku
variants featured remind me of those from a certain game; the rear skirt had
2 ridges, presumably for holding a bazooka. This was what the Gato ver. Zaku
in a past Hobby Japan looked like. Does anyone know which game this was from?

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