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Sat, 27 May 2000 15:33:12 +0800


I've seen the PG Zeta going for around HK$1,400 (US$180) at:

Ying Ming Model,
135A Sai Yee St.,
Tel: 2789-3188.

PG RX-78 is around HK$700, and both the PG Zaku IIs are going for around

Your sis can probably find them at a similar price around Mongkok. For
directions check out:

Hope this helps,
- Gan, HK

At 10:47 AM 26-05-00 -0700, Michael wrote:
>Hi Henry and those people living in HK:
> > Hello.. i am new to here, I live in HK..
>I seem to recall that a week ago someone said the PG Zeta is selling for $1100
>in HK... but my sister was only able to find one store that sells it for $2000
>(more than ordering from HLJ!!!). So I'd be really grateful of any of you can
>tell me where to buy the PG at such a "low" price.
>Thanks in advance

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