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>>>What are some of the mass produced variable MS in UC universe.
>>>In general, with the sole exception of Gaza MS by Axis/Neo Zeon, no
>>>MS has been the primary mobile suit in ANY army. Gaza and its' varients
>>>probably the most produced variable MS in UC history.
>>Don't forget the transformable Guntank from F91. I doubt it was a
>>standard unit, but my guess is there was more than one.
>Wasn't the Guntank supposed to be a museum piece in 91. So when was
>it supposed to have been built? One year war relic?

Just checked the tape. A Federation officer says its an "antique".
Seabrook says it's "from 10 years ago."

Since F91 is in 0123 iirc, that means the tank is from around 110.

It's interesting to note that if the tank left service 10 years before and
now it's considered totally out of date, Mobile Suit development must still
move at an incredibly fast pace.


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