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>> 1. What is that ship(?) that comes with the GM Sniper kit from the 08
>> series?
>That's the MA Asparas

It's from a long tradition of sometimes goofy looking mega-big (grins) semi-robots
which are a staple of the earlier gundam stuff. It's is kindly referred to
in the list as the Asparagus, LOL!

>> 2. Is the GP02A a bad mobile suit? I've seen pictures of it fighting other

>> Gundams which I thought were good guys.
>The GP02A was a federation MS stolen by Anavel Gato of the Zeon Delaz fleet.

Yeah, but the design look of it was made in the idea that it would be a bad
guy. Even its color scheme is darker than a normal gundam.

>> 4. How about the Sazabi? (Sure looks bad to me!)
>Same as question 3, piloted by Char Aznable

This is the ultimate Char MS, and is one of the coolest designs, IMHO, in gundam
history for Zeon stuff.

>> 5. When painting models, do most of you paint the parts before assembly,
>> after? If after, do you disassemble it into major parts before painting?

>Personal preference.

I paint the parts in subsections, but sometimes it has to be done before assembly,
and then touch-ups before assembling the subsections.
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