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>What is everybody's favorite Gundam opening sequences? I kind of like the
>Wing ones, they're very well animated and energetic, especially with the
>Two-Mix music in the background. I also particually like the openings to
>Zeta, and I think the opening of ZZ is kind of cool, if a little bizzare
>in some places. Also, Turn A is kind of interesting, I like how it shifts
>the characters in the same pose.... My least favorite would be the first
>Gundam X opening...the Gundam just flies around and does absolutely
>nothing(The second opening is much better). Unfortunately, I have'nt seen
>the second opening for Z(Forgot the name of the song, but it was kind of
>Minmei-esque) and ZZ(Silent Voice), and the first opening for G ("Fly In
>The Sky").(Anyone know where to find them?) So what are the best openings
>in people's opinion?

My favorites:

Second 0083 (Men of Destiny)
First 0083 (The Winner)
08th MS Team (Shinning in the Storm)
Second G Gundam (Trust You Forever, got to love Master Asia go mano-e-mano
with "Schwarz Brueder")
Second Wing (second variation of the second OP)
Second ZZ Gundam (Silent Voice, perhaps because I hated the first ZZ).
First Wing

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