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>- I love the Gyan High Mobility Type!) See if you can identify these...

The abbreviations give them away, even if the color schemes weren't so famous.

> <http://www.gundamproject.com/images/mecha/MS-09.RR.GIF>

Ranba Ral

> <http://www.gundamproject.com/images/mecha/MS-09RS.CA.GIF>

Char Aznable

> <http://www.gundamproject.com/images/mecha/MS-14B.BT.GIF>

Black Trinary

> <http://www.gundamproject.com/images/mecha/MS-14B.SM.GIF>

Shin Matsunaga

> And of course there's this one...
> <http://www.gundamproject.com/images/mecha/MS-14B.JR.GIF>

Johnny Raiden

(If he got shot down, would they ask "Who Shot J.R.?")

> Oh, and a little-known factoid - all the MS illos are in scale,
>including the Gundam Wing ones. The scale works out to 16.5 pixels per
>meter, which I may underscore by dropping in grid patterns behind the
>pictures. :-)

Gridding your lions?


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