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Anyone know how the exact meaning and language in which
the various MS names comes from ?
My guess are as follows :

MS-06 "Zaku" : Derived from the Japanese word "Zakko" meaning "Small

MS-07 "Gouf" : The Chinese translation of "Gouf" is "Tiger". Any
comments on this one ? No idea on the language in which the name comes

MS-09 "Dom" : The Chinese translation of "Dom" becomings something like
"Big Demon" . No idea on the language in which the name comes from. Any
comments ?

MS-14 "Gelgoog" : THe Chinese translation of "Gelgoog" becomes something
menaing "Brave Warrior". Again no idea on the language the name of this
MS derive from. Any comments ?

AMA-X2 "Neue Ziel" : Meaning "New Goal". German ?

That's all for now. Until I can come up with more.

PS : On a side note, The alias Char use in Zeta, "Quattro Bajina", is
Italian ("Quattro" meaning "Four" ).This is intersting, considering that
he had used three previous names before ( IE Casper Zum Daikum, Edward
Maas, Char Aznable )

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