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Magnetic coating is also essential for the later variable MS, ie Zeta Gundam.
It allows very fast transformation.

Joaquin Torres

Chris Beilby wrote:

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> ><< The RX-78NT-1 was a testbed for the new magnetic coating technology and
> > other enhancements like the linear seat cockpit. Some enhancements from
> >the
> > Alex went into the GM Custom. >>
> >
> > What does the magnetic coating do?
> When a mobile suit is equipped with magnetic coating, the joints are covered
> with a very thin layer of magnetically charged metal. Both sides have the
> same polarity. As like polarities repel each other, the joints therefore
> have a slight gap between them. This eliminates the friction caused by the
> contact of the surfaces, and increases the movement speed of the joint,
> therefore increasing the reaction speed of the MS.
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