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>>Just don't expect those mirrors to make it....
>I don't know if they're as vunerable as we might initially think. I don't
>know how heat resistant they'd be, but they must be tremendously strong.
>Consider that they're a 40km long panel, attached at one extreme end while
>the other end is under several Gs of acceleration. It seems like they would
>have to be very strong order to remain rigid under that much stress.

Whether the mirrors survive re-entry or not, they won't stay attached to
the colony proper and, given that they literally have the aerodynamics and
glide ratio of a crowbar, they'll likely impact quite a distance from the
main mass.

Which brings up an interesting question: where the colonies still rotating
when they were dropped? Gundam 0083 shows the colony behaving as if it
were no longer under spin in the scenes subsequent to the colony-jacking,
but I don't recall whether there was a line of dialogue about spinning it down.

In the original series, the colony doesn't appear to be turning as it
drops, but then that could just have been too difficult to animate.

The gyroscopic action would add another ballistic factor to the drop and,
if the mirrors are as tough as you suggest, there'd be a very interesting
aerodynamic effect.

I still think they'd come off, though. Only, with spin still engaged,
they'd fly off on tangential vectors with considerable initial velocity.


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