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According to a recent article on DH, you might be able to find mylar
(sp) tape from craft store like Pearls in Boston(Mass Ave. Central Sq
for you, Tom) or the art supply store w/ the Scully painting on Queens
St in Toroto, across from Sliver Snails. These tape comes in many
colors and has adheresive on the back. You just need a really sharp
Xacto knife to trim it.
As for the sliver parts though... Core is right w/ the brush silver
paint. ModelMaster makes one that is awsome!
But the real trick is... how do you cut it from the tree as flush to
the paint surface as possible without creating the
___/\___/\___ ?
I use a really sharp No. 10 General Purpose Blade(The curved one, much
better for model building) and lightly cut around where the tree joins
the part first to score the paint plating before using a flush cutter
to trim the part off. Here is a tip... Always cut the part w/ a bit
(about 4mm) of tree attached first. Once the part is completely
removed, now you can manuver around the piece w/ the blade to really go
into the part to get a clean cut w/o worrying about your fingures!
Another thing to consider w/ these chrome kits... If you have them,
wear the thin cotton gloves that you can buy from MicroMark or the
Surgical Gloves WITH powder. You want the powder there to protect the
finish and keep figer prints off ( like the ones all over your RX78-2
Good luck Tommy boy!

--- wrote:
> Thomas Yung wrote:
> > What was the most effective for you to cover up the areas/parts
> that were
> > snipped from the trees?
> I used Testor silver paint and then transparent red, blue and yellow
> where
> necessary. It works pretty well. If you look closely it's not
> perfect,
> but if you are looking at the whole model, it's very hard to notice
> these
> blemishes. Metallic paints (e.g. Gunze Mr. Metal Color) may work
> even
> better.
> But no question this is not a model for the perfectionist modellers.
> Name: Core
> Patient ID: #1
> Room:
> Condition: Critical
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