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Nightingale wrote:
> they won't bother to create a non-CF,
> non-transformable cheaper version of "Gundam" like the
> GunEz and the improved Gun Blastor.

Is GunEz a striped-down version of V Gundam? Or V Gundam an
upgraded/redesigned version of GunEz?

> But the 'brain' is still the CoreFighters. In the TV

The brain is in the pilot's head :)

> show, we only get to see around 6 V Gundam/Hexa, and

But is it a limited supply of the CF? I still think the most expensive
part is the top part, and the CF should be the cheapest. The top parts
contains the main propulsion of the combined MS, the reactor to power the
rifle and shield, the upper limbs and it goes through the most complicated
transformation in order to combine with the other components. The CF only
has to fold the nose cone in and the wings.

Unless you prove otherwise, I still believe that availability of V Gundam
is limited by both capable pilots and cost of the whole MS (not just the
CF). The entire MS is expensive so you won't give it to the newbie who
would bail every few missions. But still your ace pilots would get into
situations right, so you need to dump the top or bottom parts. But the CF
is rescued, not because it's expensive, but because the PILOT is in there.

> Anaheim Electronics or SNRI of the past. That's why we
> see Usso's father working very hard trying to drum up
> support from the Federal Force to help their cause

But there's also a manpower problem right?

> Both the beam rifles and beam sabres can be
> manufactured at low cost, as evidenced by the durable

Sure, but the rifle and shield must be powered by the reactor in the top
part, rather than the CF right? Likewise, we know the bottom part can
also power the rifle. I just don't see any evidence that the CF has (or
need) a juiced-up reactor. wrote:
> Why do Gundam's need to be mass produced, won't GMs with the latest
> technology work? I got the impression that Gundam's are prototypes,
> that the Ace pilot gets to use, until he destroys it or gets a new
> one. Second, that the Gundam was used as a test bed for prototype MS
> technology and weapon's

Well the V Gundam wasn't a prototype (but I could be wrong, see above).
The first 10 episodes or so, they really played up that fact. It's an
original design intended to be the top-of-the-line mass-produced weapon
from day 1.

The tradition of making Gundam as one-off prototypes as test bed for
mass-produced GM applies mainly to UC. In the V universe, the
organization that designed and manufactured the Gundams really have no
historical relations to the Feds and Anaheim Electronics that created the
other Gundams and GMs. For League Millitaire, they just take thier high
end MS, paint it red white blue and yellow, snap on a V-fin and a red
chin and called it a Gundam. It's really done for psychological effects
and to fire up the imaginations of potential rebels.

There's no evidence one way or another that V2 was the one-and-only made.
So by my extrapolation, it's also a mass-producible MS. But by the time
the war was ending, only one was availble to the frontline.

The comparison is to the Stealth Bomber in today's USAF. The number is
limited because it's so damn expensive, but as long as the army can
afford it, they'd love to make a few thousands of them.

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