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James Boren wrote:
> How did a unified world government (the federation) form? Was it a
> decendant of the U.N., WTO, or another modern world body? Massive
> overpopulation is the stated reason the world got together. In
> reality free trade (greed) will probably bring about a world
> government more than any social reason. (If such a thing could ever
> happen at all!?)

In 2005, AOL acquired Nesbitt Burns and became the most powerful
company of the world. 2 years after that the UN went under the
receivership of AOL-Nesbitt. 10 years after that AOL-Nesbitt-UN mergered
with the World Bank via a stock-swap. The new organization is renamed
Federation Online. The rest, as they say, is history.

On related news, in the years 2025-2027, Sony, Mitsubitshi, Boeing,
Lockheed Martin, GE and Bandai mergered to form, eventually, Anaheim

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