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Mark Simmons wrote:
> Yeah, I was wondering about the possibility of making the pilot effect
> additive instead of a multiplier. It would be easier to account for the
> minimal effect they have on ships (which have much higher intrinsic
> defense scores), but it makes it hard to justify the 1 Amuro in Gundam =
> 6 Rick Doms computation above. :-)

I have to work out the maths. But the DE and AT scores change the
probability of hits and misses, so say if you bump Gundam's DE of 8 (say)
to 10, it could mean that the Dom's chance of hitting Amuro drop from 20%
to 7% (say), that could make a world of a difference. I like this
because, as the cliche goes, life and death is a only a hair of a

> 1/1200 models are perfect.) I'd figured that the Musai is higher in
> volume, but it's still a bit smaller.
> Tell you what. Let's give the Musai higher offense, thanks to all its
> turrets and missiles, but lower defense due to its lack of anti-aircraft guns.

Hehehe, got you to play the parameter game too. How about... Salamis has
higher HP (size), Musai has higher DM (more ship-to-ship guns), both are
equally low in DE (a ship is pretty hard to miss). So now the question of
AA guns. I can begrudgingly allow an extra rule: ships can fire their
ship-to-ship gun AND their AA gun once per turn. So in addition to the 7
stats for all units, ships has two extra: AT-AA (or AA) and DM-AA (or DA)
should be self-explanatory... So give Salamis an edge in AA and/or DA.

> ...
> Hard to say. It armament seems a bit light, but it's big and covered
> with anti-aircraft guns. I'd say it probably follows the Salamis
> example - moderate firepower, especially compared to a Magellan, but
> superbly defended, as befits its role as a flying carrier fortress.

So give White Base higher HP, higher AA/DA than a Magellan. But I wonder
about WB vs. Magellan as straight battle ships... Didn't WB received a
new pair of twin beam-cannons around the same time as the magnetic coating
upgrade? Aren't they supposed to be some fancy prototype weapon? Maybe
that vaulted WB ahead of the conventionally-gunned Magellan? I could
simulate this with a longer range (R) and higher DM.

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