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Chris Maier asks,

> One thing about the MS-11...if it eventually ended up being the MS-14
> Geloog, than what exactly is the MS-11 Acht Zaku from Zeta Gundam and MSX?

  Nobody really knows.

  On the one hand, some sources indicate that when the Gyan and Gelgoog were
redesigned to add beam weapons, and their model numbers were bumped up (from
MS-10 and MS-11 to MS-15 and MS-14, respectively), the intervening model
numbers were reassigned to entirely new projects. In this case, there
wouldn't be any particular relationship between the Acht Zaku and the mobile
suit that previously held that model number, any more than there is between
the Zeong (originally developed as the MS-16) and the YMS-16M Xamel.

  On the other hand, the MG Gelgoog kit manual - a fairly reputable source -
says that the Acht Zaku _is_ based on the original MS-11 project, making it
a legitimate spinoff of the Gelgoog's first incarnation.

  Personally, I'm not sure which theory to believe. But the examples of the
Xamel and the MS-10 Pezun Dowadge do suggest that, when a project's model
number was changed, the Zeons tended to assign it to an entirely unrelated
mobile suit. Hey, maybe that explains why the YMS-08A from the MSV days
looks nothing like the MS-08TX Efreet...

-- Mark

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